Businesses, working together with stakeholders and synergetic organisations, have the power to tackle systemic challenges related to the industry. Together they can strategically share & utilise resources as well as know-how related to the field of work. It benefits the projects to reduce overall costs, improve productivity, overcome systemic barriers, and enhance brand value.

enertia has collaborated with an array reputed organisations which provides a healthy and sustainable environment to grow knowledge of the industry on the whole. It provides a platform to research, experiment and offer latest concepts, solutions and technologies to our customers.

BrainWave Designs – Architectural lighting design practice based in Mumbai provides expertise in all aspects of lighting designs, from project design and management of the design for projects all scales.

TheraLichtLLP – An organisation with unparalleled competence in training, consulting and product design having an holistic approach covering varied parameters related to enhancing visual, air, health and well-being in built environments.

Medacsis – An innovative health-tech startup developing & promoting the use of non-invasive healthcare technologies such as Light Therapy with clinically proven results for the management of various health conditions & modalities.

Lux-n-Lum – An online lighting resource/blog dedicated to lighting industry covering the technology updates as well as product reviews.