Throughout our extensive history in making decorative lighting fixtures, Svesa Lighting has offered sophisticated lighting designs, intended to complement virtually all types of architecture. Our unique product design delivers innovative looks, utilising our core competencies of glass artisanship, sensibly contemporary styling, & flexibility in both lamping and luminaire mounting options. Through exceptional collaboration of global designers and skilled craftsmen, Svesa Lighting merges traditional techniques with modern sensibility, resulting in unique products of unprecedented quality.

Our product offering includes a wide assortment of styles and materials, which are designed with a commitment to fulfill the design needs of both residential & commercial applications. Our designs also include a wide range of finishes and energy-efficient technologies including LED sources. The crowning jewel of our offering is our custom product line handcrafted by skilled artisans utilising  techniques passed down from generation to generation. Svesa Lighting products are hand inspected at our factory in, ensuring acceptable variation in the colour, pattern, thickness and dimension before we deliver the product to our customers.