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Architectural portfolio of Flos Lighting India provides professional, technical solutions within the Flos’ aesthetic design philosophy. Flos’ Architectural Lighting collections (Flos Lighting India) consist of high-performing LED and conventional lighting systems, recessed luminaires, spotlights, downlights, wall & ceiling lights, and outdoor lights that offer unprecedented and numerous visual possibilities due to their ability to integrate the structural systems into the architecture with ease and sophistication in line with lighting design concept being conceptualised.

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Flos was born in the ‘50s with the idea that light could change the way people live. The encounter among the two founders Dino Gavina and Cesare Cassina with the American Arturo Eisenkil led to the introduction of cocoon, a resin sprayed on a metallic structure and a material for new experiments. In this period Flos attracted to itself, in an exclusive way and for many years to come, Afra and Tobia Scarpa and the Castiglioni brothers for the creation of lighting fixtures.

In the ‘60s the artistic management of the company was entrusted to Sergio Gandini, a man with astonishing entrepreneurial skills. He moved the company headquarter from Merano to Brescia and, together with Cassina, took on the challenge to launch Flos on the international scene(Flos Lighting India). This happened in 1972, when Flos made its appearance at the exhibition titled “Italy, the New Domestic Landscape”, exhibiting a selection of objects/icons of the Italian industry that have later become part of the Moma permanent collection. The company expansion continued unstopped. A new facility was opened in Germany and Arteluce was acquired, an historic Italian company specialized in lighting fixtures. In the ‘80s, Pietro Gandini, Sergio’s son, made his entrance in the company and decided to involve an ever growing number of designers for an ever larger offer.

Flos (FLOS Lighting India) established itself in an increasingly powerful way on the market, catching the attention of a large number of design enthusiasts thanks to the relentless pursuit of new solutions and original shapes and to the experiments with innovative materials. Piero Gandini’s policies and strategies proved winning. Achille Castiglioni remained Flos’ creative soul; nonetheless, the absolute news of the ‘80s was the collaboration with Philippe Starck who introduced his Arà and Miss Sissi. Within few days, the latter became one of the major company bestsellers.

Since its inception in the 1990s, Flos’s Architectural (Flos Lighting India) lines have taken the lighting world in progressive new directions, synergising light & architecture into a collection that puts advanced energy efficiency and a eco-conscious materials at the forefront of their technical R&D. Leveraging smart technology & sustainable development, Flos Lighting India architectural lighting collections have revolutionized the ways that lighting is used to enhance the architectural design in commercial, hospitality, and residential projects.

Flos (Flos lighting India) thinks that light is the matter with which to express new ideas and create new objects. This is why for over 50 years it has been a world leader in the field of lighting design with its vast collections of indoor and outdoor lamps. Creating iconic products for them to be archetypes, thanks to brilliant ideas coming not only from masters of design, but also from new talents. This is the objective of Flos Lighting India, that leverages on the past experience to write the future and forges its identity on audacious choices, competences in the technological sector and the poetry of light.

Flos shapes light. Its lamps embody the right balance between handcraft and industrial production, art and design, tradition and innovation. It is this longing to innovate and reinvent itself that has enticed the company to experiment with new materials like the cocoon and technologies like the OLED.

Flos has collaborated with some of the world’s most talented designers: Philippe Starck, Jasper Morrison, Konstantin Grcic, Marc Newson, Antonio Citterio, Marcello Ziliani, Marcel Wanders, Sebastian Wrong, Laurene Leon Boym, Piero Lissoni, Rodolfo Dordoni, Tim Derhaag, Johanna Grawunder, Joris Laarman, Knud Holscher, Barber & Osgerby, Patricia Urquiola, Paul Cocksedge, and Ron Gilad.

Lighting Design for Indoor Applications:

ENERTIA provides lighting design services as a lighting consultant in the form of conceptual, functional or technical submittals. These services of lighting design enables a world class lighting manufacturer to present design solutions to the projects which brings out astounding results at site. The technical aspect of lighting design is taken care of when specifying the products which helps in correct installation and commissioning on site.

Enertia being a lighting design service provider and well as lighting consultant enables the projects and the clients to intelligently choose the appropriate lighting fixtures for the applications in the project. In the lighting design process, the selection, specification as well as the final outcome of the project application is taken care off in detail so that the initial lighting design concept and the final outcome are as close as possible.

Lighting design involves careful understanding of the application area – while taking care of its aesthetics the functionality of the space has to be kept in mind. A good lighting design practice not only takes care of the fixture placements and effect but also the after installation serve and maintenance part of it as well. Both capex and the opex have to be carefully studied, and implemented so that the entire system becomes cost effective in the longer run.

As a good practice, lighting design especially in the indoor applications must also take into account the human & environmental impact of the lighting system being used.