POE Lighting Design


Power over Ethernet or PoE is a new trend in Lighting (POE Lighting) which safely allows electrical power (low voltage) and data to transmit concurrently on a single twisted-pair cable (Cat-5e or above) and collect huge volumes of data using sensors, devices and usage pattens to name a few. Many technologies including lighting, today are using PoE to power devices. Connecting new devices to the network is as simple as plugging them into an RJ45 jack.

Some of the benefits of a PoE network are:

  • Power devices on the same network used for data communications
  • Easier and economical installation
  • Easier, efficient network management
  • Uses smart power technologies
  • Uses DC power
  • Higher reliability
  • Higher power transfer efficiency
  • Ability to perform power/energy management
  • Higher scalability
POE Lighting Wtec
Source : Wtec Smart Engine

Enertia uses various intelligent strategies to design a POE lighting system for large spaces which includes the following:

a) Understanding the requirement of the space(s) and usage as well as meaningful outcomes

b) Study luminaire requirement and outline lighting technologies to be involved including Human centrifuged and circadian lighting

c) Verify electrical demands of the lighting system along with the fixture compatibility

d) Verify the visual needs of the space and draw specification of the lighting system accordingly

e) Wiring and positioning of the hardware as per the site topology and requirement

f) Documentation pertaining to inter-compatibility of the system components, scheduling and analytics

g) Testing, completing and Final Handover

PoE Lighting will be one of the most meaningful developments in our indoor environments over the coming years. Benefits include increased energy savings & lower installation and running costs, along with simplified installation, flexibility, and improved reliability for powered devices. These enhancements greatly contribute to overall effectiveness and efficiency that directly impact the performance of next-generation digital buildings.

Enertia is committed to use the opportunity of this latest technology (POE Lighting) to improve efficiency offered by converging building automation and PoE lighting networks through design.

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